SmartDriving Tjänstebil

About the education

Would you like to know how the education works? Watch the slideshow

SmartDriving is an education in eco driving which is based on videos, animations and written information. The education will give you theoretical knowledge in how to drive. When you have studied all episodes and elements, you take the knowledge test.

The only thing you need to participate in the education is a computer connected to the Internet, speakers or headphones. You don't have to go away on a course for several days. Instead you can study on your own, in your own speed, at home in front of the computer or when there is some spare time on the work. SmartDriving also fits new computer users and the results are just as good as from a traditional course - but this time you study on your own conditions!

The education consists of the following elements

  • Educational videos - web TV divided in a number of episodes, coving among other things eco driving technique in city traffic, roundabouts, traffic lights, main roads, curve technique and hills, knowledge about tyres and field of vision. You can freely choose in which order you like to watch the episodes. After you have watched each episode, a green marker to the right will indicate that you already have seen the episode.
  • Additional reading - text based matter divided into chapters matching the video structure. You decide which and how many chapters you like to read. Parts of the knowledge test will however contain matter from the additional reading.
  • Glossary - explains difficult words used in the education.
  • Knowledge test - when you have finished the studies, you are ready to take the test. You get three attempts and you need 14 out of 20 correct answers in order to pass. After you have passed the test, you get to print your own certificate to prove that you have participated and passed the education.

Period of validity and conditions

Every course participant receive their own login, which means you need to order as many licenses as there are drivers to take the education in eco driving.

The license is valid for six (6) months from the order date. You have three (3) attempts to pass the knowledge test and at least 24 hours between each attempt.

After the test is passed, the participant gets to confirm his or her name and then gets to print the certificate. The certificate can be printed any number of times during the period the license still is valid.

Save the environment!

From an environmental aspect, it is important to learn the eco driving way since we spare our nature by lower emissions. It is also a cost effective way to drive for your own wallet!

Depending on your previous way of driving you can save between 10-15%, up to 25% of your fuel costs by embracing the eco driving way.

By using SmartDriving's interactive educations, you learn how to save money in a cost effective way.

The education is based on that you should be able to take it on your own conditions. Lean back and educate yourself from professionals - whenever you want and whereever you are!