SmartDriving's services

SmartDriving offers web based educations in thrifty and safe eco-driving for car, company car, lorry (truck) and bus.

The educations meet every criteria set up by Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration, regarding what shall be included in an eco-driving education, see below.


TThe educations are based on web TV with instructors in driver's position, teaching basics in safe eco-driving, various traffic situations as e.g. roundabouts, traffic lights, country roads, curves and hills, experts on tires, loading, fuels etc. This is supplemented with in-depth learning such as factual texts, images and a glossary.

After completed education, you get to take a knowledge test with automatic correction. When you have passed the test, a certificate with your name is generated to prove you have passed the education.


SmartDriving is available everywhere where there is an Internet connection.

For every participant undergoing the education, you order one licence (login) each.

The participant uses SmartDriving on their own terms - when and where it fits them.


Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration, defines eco-driving as a way of driving where you use the gear lever and throttle in a conscious way which reduces the fuel consumption and the carbon dioxide emissions, and makes your driving calmer and safer at the same time you obtain financial savings on fuel and operating costs.

Trafikverket has a number of criteria of what shall be included in an eco-driving education, of which SmartDriving's educations fulfil every of these, see below.

  • Plan ahead driving, avoid stops
  • Shift up early and drive on the highest possible gear
  • Have eco-driving advice for those driving with an automatic gearbox
  • Drive with an even throttle and keep the speed limits
  • Use engine braking
  • Roll in downhills and maintain even throttle in uphills
  • Service the car regularly
  • Remove roof box and other items which increase the car's rolling resistance
  • Follow up the fuel consumption

Trailers with examples of educations with SmartDriving:


Lorry (truck)


Company car



In the brochures below you can read more about the content and the benefits of education with SmartDriving. All brochures are in Swedish.

Lorry (truck)
Company car

Upcoming services

SmartDriving will soon offer measurement of savings of CO2 and savings for a safer driving behavior. These will be offered through an app.

The app measures driving behavior in real time and compares it with known data algorithms. The user receives a safety score which means the higher score, the safer the driver behaves. Through the measurements, the driver also can see their environmental impact.

Through a sister product, there will also be a car sharing service launched on a separate website, with carefully chosen elements in order to attract loyalty members.