Savings with thrifty and safe eco-driving

By thrifty and safe eco-driving, you can yearly save big amounts. For instance the fuel costs equal about 18-24% of the total yearly expenses of a haulage contractor. Corresponding numbers can be derived for cars and buses.


With thrifty and safe eco-driving, the fuel costs can be reduced by up to 25% at the same time that you reduce your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and obtain reduced costs for wear and repairs.

In the calculator below, you can do your own calcuations of possible savings. Depending on your previous driving habits and how well you assimilate the advice, the savings may vary. The calculation is preset to 10% savings for an average driver.

Fill in your details
Fuel type
Driving distance
l/100 km
Fuel price
Savings from thrifty and safe eco-driving
ResultsPer year  
Consumption 800 l
With eco-driving 720 l
Fuel costs 1264 EUR
With eco-driving 1137 EUR
Carbon dioxide emissions 1888 kg
With eco-driving 1699 kg
Financial savings 126 EUR
Reduced CO2 emissions 188 kg

Below are a few calculations based on a customer case from a haulage contractor which had their drivers undergo education in eco-driving with SmartDriving.

The prices on fuel are variable and controlled by the world market. The calculations are based on diesel with a fixed price of 16 SEK/liter. If you instead have a gasoline powered vehicle, the carbon dioxide emissions become about 93% of the mentioned ones, but in its turn the fuel consumption is higher.

Customer case with calculations from a haulage contractor

The pdf files below contain examples of calculations based on a customer case of a haulage contractor and SmartDriving.

100.000 kr
1.000.000 kr
1.500.000 kr
5.000.000 kr
10.000.000 kr
50.000.000 kr
60.000.000 kr
100.000.000 kr